[ubuntu-uk] What do I need (live audio recording)

Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 10:16:11 BST 2007

TBH From my experience professional recording on linux simply isnt
there yet (well, at reasonable prices anyway).

However some pointers:

Hardware wise I would most definately reccomend a professional
soundcard. Try the M-Audio 2496 for a cheap decent prof card (about
£60-70). Whatever card you get, make sure it is compatible with ASIO.
ASIO is an interface specifically made for professional audio mixing
apps, the main thing it does is reduce latency like crazy.

You want to have Balanced Inputs.

You want a Mixer. That takes Balanced XLR inputs.

Balanced means that 3 signals are sent: The first is the normal
signal. The second is an inverse of that signal. The third is a ground
signal. The signal is recreated by taking the difference of the normal
and inversed signal. Noise generated on the line is then removed using
the ground signal.

Microphone wise, you can't go wrong with an SM58 (£50-60). SM58 is
your bog-standard dynamic vocal mic. Great for live / outdoors etc.
For instruments try the SM57. If you have a good environment and want
a nicer 'studio' sound invest in a pair of Rhode NT1's. (£100 > each)
A pair will let you do stereo recordings (research stereo pair - takes
advantage of the cardoid nature of the mics), and because they are
compressor mics as opposed to dynamics you get a much better sound. Be
gentle with them though.

For drums try an SM57 on the snare and hi-hat, SM58 on the bass drum
and the NT1's in a stereo pair over the cymbals. Not a brilliant
setup, but costs sod-all.

For software something like Audacity simply is not powerful enough for
music recording etc, something more beefy is needed. I personally am a
Logic fan and will refuse to work with anything else for more than 5
minutes, so I'm not a lot of help here.

I am in no way an expert but I hope this helps


On 17/08/07, Neil Greenwood <neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 17/08/07, Mark Harrison <Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com> wrote:
> > What I need advice on are:
> >
> > - Advice on what audio editing software I need (I'm coming from an Adobe
> > Audition / CoolEdit) background, and the key features I need are
> > FFT-based noise reduction, track volume normalisation, and in-line editing.)
> Audacity seems to be mature and have lots of features. It's also
> available on Windows.
> Jono Bacon started a team to develop Jokosher, but I don't know how
> far they've got with it. I don't think they've released v1.0 yet,
> although I could be wrong on that - haven't heard much about it for
> months.
> Hwyl,
> Neil.
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