[ubuntu-uk] What do I need? (multiple PCs / multiple monitors)

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 15:02:29 BST 2007

On 17/08/07, Mark Harrison <Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com> wrote:
> 3: Can I, in fact, drag and drop application windows between desktops (x
> would allow me to do this, I'm sure, though I'm not sure about windows
> that overlap multiple x desktops....)

I've seen a screenshot with a window split between two monitors.

> 4: Does it allow Windows machines to become part of the "array" (mea
> culpa, I still need a Windows machine for work.) [1]

Looks like it!

> [1]... because I need to test our websites against Windows clients and
> IE bugs, that's why.

I found an article earlier (howtoforge.com, in the Ubuntu section,
probably first or second page, or you could try a search) about
installing IE on Ubuntu. Different versions of IE were mentioned too.

Doesn't help with the Windows client, but maybe
VMware/Xen/VirtualBox/etc. would solve that problem. Then you could
have multiple Windows versions running on one machine!


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