[ubuntu-uk] some user losing internet access

M Castle marshcast at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 16 10:54:14 BST 2007

For anyone interested, the problem with some user getting online and others 
not, after a lot of hacking and telewest (hiring a BT adsl line) swearing 
that it was nothing to do with them or there equipment and that we should use 
windows etc, turned out to be a faulty in line filter (provided by 
telewest/BT) on the line.
I am not happy in some respects, and extremely happy in others.
How could I doubt the ubuntu systems...?
I sit ashamed.On Tuesday 14 August 2007 14:38:37 Gav Ford wrote:
I am now going to live in a field for a couple of weeks.
Thank you for your help & interest, it gave me faith and pointers and helped 
my ubuntu education.
until sept...

M. :)

 > > nice thought, but there's no firewalls installed :(.
 > >
 > > I'm at a bit of a loss... it's basically a pretty standard install.
 > >
 > > the only extras are ssh and fail2ban, but neither of those should effect
 > > connections (that I'm aware of).
 > >
 > > looks like I'm gonna ave to re-install :(
 > >
 > > time and messages appreciated. Thanks guys.
 > >
 > > M.
 > Another source of info could be when they connection fails open a
 > terminal and type 'dmesg', it should give you some info about what just
 > happened.
 > Also you can try 'tail /var/log/messages' and 'tail /var/log/syslog' for
 > more info.
 > One of these may tell you what just failed and caused the network
 > connection to drop out.
 >   -Gav

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