[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu servers hacked?

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Wed Aug 15 20:07:55 BST 2007

alan c wrote:
>   Ubuntu Servers Hacked
> http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/08/15/1341224
> If this is true it is pretty sad. It will take some time for 
> confidence to be regained. What a gift (or a result?) for the opposition!

It was a case of self inflected injuries.  Using FTP instead of sFTP or 
SCP.  Not keeping their machines up to date.

The only redeeming aspect is non of the machines that were compromised 
were repositories!

> I was recently trying to reduce my ignorance about security by asking 
> questions about security, and on the ubuntu forums I had asked a 
> couple of questions about security which were apparently so tiresome 
> that they were immediately sidelined into a dead thread!

What questions?

> I posted a request for reinstatement in the resolution forum, but have 
> not heard anything yet.
> In the few days since I was totally ignorant, I have become slightly 
> better informed, and maybe an appropriate question for the forums 
> should now be about the story of th eking and his new clothes?
> The off-handedness (of presumably the admin/s) in the ubuntu forums I 
> stumbled into is ironic indeed in the circumstances.

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