[ubuntu-uk] find a file

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Mon Aug 6 14:19:33 BST 2007

Neil Greenwood wrote:
> On 06/08/07, Jim Kissel <jlk at osml.eu> wrote:
>> find /your/path/to/a/directory -name '*.lck' -print
>> Find trawls the files system but appears to cache when re-run with a
>> short (hours) time.  I've ever used locate.  It has a db where it
>> 'locates' files.  BTY, if you are using find on directories that you
>> don't "own", you may need to sudo find has the errors it produces when
>> it doesn't have permission to read a directory can overwhelm the actual
>> output of any search.
> I'm posting without testing, so I may be wrong.
> I wouldn't have thought that find would cache the results. It's
> probably the disk cache for the file system that speeds things up.

I too believe it the file system/disk that is doing the caching.  Never 
considered that anyone would splice a cache onto to find!
> Hwyl,
> Neil.

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