[ubuntu-uk] Intro, newcomer

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 22:43:14 BST 2006

Welcome to the list alan,

> I have just joined the list and hope to be helping at LinuxWorld. I am
> a recent user of Kubuntu, having started linux three years ago with
> suse. I really appreciate the Ubuntu approach and the energetic and
> friendly efforts to spread the distro.

What prompted the switch from SUSE to Ubuntu? I started out on that
(for a brief 5-10minutes before the install died), then Redhat. While
Ubuntu is far from perfect it certainly doesn't reduce me to despair
as often as the alternatives! I'm including Windows in that too btw.

> I run (mostly single handed) the Infopoint table at the Bracknell
> Computer fairs monthly if I am available. The table has rapidly become
> a defacto Ubuntu Kubuntu distribution point, other distros are not so
> attractive to newcomers - who are the  main attenders.

What success do you have handing out CDs and do what sort of feedback
do you get? It's always good to hear people are having success
introducing people to OSS- in many ways the individual stuff is where
the biggest impact can be had.

Do you get into much post-introduction support?

Anyway, lots of questions.  Good to have you on the list.

Martin Fitz

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