[ubuntu-uk] Here we go again...

Adam Bagnall ajb35 at kent.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 22:38:13 BST 2006

john levin wrote:
> Llywelyn Owen wrote:
>> Dapper today led me to update FireFox to v1.5.0.7, and all went fine 
>> until I later tried to get onto Google Mail, it goes through the motions 
>> and leaves me with a blank page which it proudly stamp as "Done"! Other 
>> web sites are working fine, and I can get to my mail via other browsers. 
>> Is this a known issue, cos I can't find any reference to it online. How 
>> can can I easily revert to a previous version of FireFox without losing 
>> setting or reinstalling?
>> I'm beginning to think it a bad idea to install patches and updates on the day of release.
> Just tested gmail and everything works fine for me.
> Incidentally, the fixed firefox version was released on Friday, so you 
> installed it 4 days after the release.
> Have you tried emptying the cache and clearing the cookies?
> John
Everything is working for me. Gmail gave me a blank screen too the first 
time after the update but it's been fine since. You can revert to 
previous package versions if necessary in synaptic by highlighting the 
package and then going to package -> force version in the menus.

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