[ubuntu-uk] LinuxWorld London 2006 Update for 24th September

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Mon Sep 25 09:54:03 BST 2006

On Sun, Sep 24, 2006 at 05:27:11PM +0100, Nik Butler wrote:
> More people have signed up to help out on the stand. You can expect me 
> to be asking the commitment question next week to ensure we can start 
> planning who will be where and if equipment will need to be moved  and 
> how we can start to plan that.

I'll be there both days. I've not committed to anything else so will be
available to stand around all day on stand. I have two laptops I could
bring. One is a Dell monster thing which can show off 3D stuff like XGL, the
other is a more modest HP laptop which can show that even low-ish-spec
machines can run Ubuntu. I have a desktop PC on order (2x20" screens with
2 NVidia cards in SLI) but that would be a bitch to get to the show, unless
some form of parking was possible?

On the subject of Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Xubuntu, I dont mind installing
kubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu laptop and logon 3 times to
allow us to quickly switch between desktops for demos.

> The Ubuntu  people have contacted me to confirm that the request for 
> SHIP-IT CDs is confirmed. Ive requested 600 CDs with at least 400 as PC 
> based and the remaining set broken down amongst 64bit and Mac versions.

Expect people to bitch about the version you're giving out being "way old
man" but I suspect you'll easily get rid of them. We got rid of 150 Ubuntu
CDs in about an hour in central London on Software Freedom Day!

> I have also had the confirmation about the conference pack being sent 
> through. Speaking of marketing . Id like to order up some Polo Shirts to 
> wear on the day as well as Sell can I get a Commitment for at least an 
> order of 20 , since I can get the price reduced on larger quantities and 
> I can get 25 for £10.00 each so guess what .. if we can get an order in 
> early we can sell the rest at the show and start putting our Ubuntu-UK 
> team pot together.  The lead time on the order is two weeks so the 
> deadline for getting in orders is next week !

Where are you ordering them from? I'll gladly take a couple.

> Things im still waiting for suggestions/content/materials/confirmation 
> of a good idea  on ; keeping it simple theres just a couple of things:
> 1. Things to Show/Demo during the two days.
> So yes we can show the desktop and we can show it working with hardware 
> thats a given but should we maybe plan to do some presentation, lighting 
> talks or Ask the Ubenteros moments ?

Edgy would be nice to show off. I already run it on one laptop, should be
okay on the other.

> 2. Things to talk to people about on the day .

Answer their questions. 

What do people ask?

"What is so good about Ubuntu?"
"Why should I use Ubuntu and not Debian?"
"Isn't Ubuntu evil because of <foo>?"
"Didn't they break X recently?"

Just at a guess. Remember a lot of the people at LWE are already Linux geeks
unlike joe-public in your average shopping centre.

> Other than CDs and Posters what topics do we all want to promote.

"How to get involved"
> Shall we all head out for a Drink and a curry on the evening of the Set 
> up ? Nothing to harsh for the evening but a good way to get to know 
> faces and people and ideas before the show. Im sure they'll be another 
> one after the event..

\o/ curry!


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