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Should you be considering translation into Welsh you'll need the following
web sites:


where many common computer terms the terms have already been translated for
KDE and other apps - and are available in a searchable database.

ALSO by the same author (Kevin Donnelly, originally from Northern Ireland,
has a doctorate in African languages, and now lives in Llanfairpwll,
Anglesey, where he works as a part-time web and Linux consultant. He is
well-known in Wales and abroad for establishing Kywaith
Kyfieithu<http://www.kyfieithu.co.uk/index.php?lg=en>in February 2003,
a global volunteer effort to translate the Linux KDE
desktop into Welsh.)


This is also the first Welsh dictionary to be based on digital rather than
printed resources - all 10,000 base words in this initial release of Eurfa
have been compiled, captured and edited by Donnelly from scratch, based on
the content of texts on the Internet.

Kevin in my opinion is an unrecognised hero in this field of work.

Hope this helps


Llywelyn Owen
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