[ubuntu-uk] LinuxWorld London 2006 Update for 24th September

john levin john at technolalia.org
Sun Sep 24 17:49:21 BST 2006

Nik Butler wrote:
> Afternoon all. So its been a quiet week on the list regarding the 
> exhibition but that does not mean we  have not been hammering away 
> behind the scenes.
> First off thanks to Alan Helmore-Simpson and Paul Sladen for keeping the 
> Ubuntu Tablet demo project moving forward. By now Paul should be in 
> possession of the tablet so I  will await his response.
> Ana, has suggested being able to help out with Videos and reporting for 
> the day , is there anyone else whom wants to help on that side of the 
> project ?
> More people have signed up to help out on the stand. You can expect me 
> to be asking the commitment question next week to ensure we can start 
> planning who will be where and if equipment will need to be moved  and 
> how we can start to plan that.

I've put my name down on the list, can do both days, and will bring a 
laptop along, probably one with Xubuntu on.

> The Ubuntu  people have contacted me to confirm that the request for 
> SHIP-IT CDs is confirmed. Ive requested 600 CDs with at least 400 as PC 
> based and the remaining set broken down amongst 64bit and Mac versions. 

Is it possible to get Kubuntu and Edubuntu cds as well? At Lug Radio 
Live there was great demand for Edubuntu especially, and I think given 
the nature of linuxworld, we can expect even more interest.
And is it possible to have a laptop running Edubuntu on display?

> I have also had the confirmation about the conference pack being sent 
> through. Speaking of marketing . Id like to order up some Polo Shirts to 
> wear on the day as well as Sell can I get a Commitment for at least an 
> order of 20 , since I can get the price reduced on larger quantities and 
> I can get 25 for £10.00 each so guess what .. if we can get an order in 
> early we can sell the rest at the show and start putting our Ubuntu-UK 
> team pot together.  The lead time on the order is two weeks so the 
> deadline for getting in orders is next week !

At every event I've done for Ubuntu, the t-shirts have been in great demand.

> Ive spoken to the Ubuntu marketing peeps and they will be contacting me 
> next week to let us know if theres anything they are looking to focus on 
> at the stand.
> Things im still waiting for suggestions/content/materials/confirmation 
> of a good idea  on ; keeping it simple theres just a couple of things:
> 1. Things to Show/Demo during the two days.
> So yes we can show the desktop and we can show it working with hardware 
> thats a given but should we maybe plan to do some presentation, lighting 
> talks or Ask the Ubenteros moments ?
> 2. Things to talk to people about on the day .
> Other than CDs and Posters what topics do we all want to promote. The 
> Ubuntu Loco Team UK and its groups are a given here so why not build 
> around that , and how ?

Lat year there was a lot of pro interest at the Ubuntu LinuxExpo stall. 
Be prepared for lots of server type questions.

> Id like to ask you all to help with committing to hardware ( even the 
> small stuff like cables and power bricks ) that will be available for 
> the show and how it will get to the show and I will be asking for this 
> prior to end of September.
> Im still waiting on comments from Brian about the stand dimensions , 
> fascillities and access so we are still working to a rough note here.
> Thats all for now, thanks again to those of you whom have committed to 
> helping out for the show your efforts are all much appreciatted.
> oh one more thing..
> Shall we all head out for a Drink and a curry on the evening of the Set 
> up ? Nothing to harsh for the evening but a good way to get to know 
> faces and people and ideas before the show. Im sure they'll be another 
> one after the event.

I'm up for this.

> Thanks for reading .. have a good one,  now its time to see if Gilmore 
> Girls has started its new season !
> Nik


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