[ubuntu-uk] How about a Competition .... Prior to the Show.

Alan Helmore-Simpson ubuntu at ingeniouscorp.com
Thu Sep 21 13:39:13 BST 2006

From: "Jono Bacon" <jono at ubuntu.com>

> Personally, I don't think you should charge - if there is a charge,
> no-one will enter. If the primary aim is to get great content from the
> competition, you need the barrier to entry to be non-existent,
> particularly as entering involved a reasonable amount of effort (i.e.
> not just ticking a box).

Good point Jono. I seem to recollect reading something about a company that 
is selling machines pre-loaded with Ubuntu, perhaps they would be interested 
in throwing some machines in as prizes, in exchange for a prominent mention 
on the posters and competition material ?

Come to mention it, perhaps they might be interested in doing something with 
ubuntu-uk for the upcoming show (Nik)?


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