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On 16/09/06, ana <ana_m at onetel.com> wrote:
> We had a college IT teacher in the
> hacklab once, he explained that even if he wants to teach some free
> software he can't, they are locked in a contract with microsoft by which
> they can not install any other software on the machines.

Is that legal? I would have thought it was anti-competitive. Maybe
there can be another European law suit, anyone know what happened with
the last one btw?

My University has both Windows and Linux. The CS labs run Red Hat, the
majority of the other machines are all windows. I assume mainly
because people won't understand how to use the Red Hat Machines (it
didn't take me long to get used to it, and this was before I used

I am happy to report that most of my university's machines have
Mozilla FireFox, unfortunately the Windows machines don't have
Thunderbird (the Uni prefers a proprietary app from a bankrupt
company) or open office, grr.

Do you have USB access? http://portableapps.com/ , seems to have got
more applications than I remembered,
Also read a BBC article about an anonymous browser using tor, if it
can communicate to the tor network then the web filter is screwed, it
gets to see some encrypted traffic as it crosses the border and has no
idea what it is.
BBC Article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5363230.stm?ls
Tor Park (anonymous browser): http://torpark.nfshost.com/index.php

Mr Stallman has written an article about why only Free Software should
be used in schools

-- Andy

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