[ubuntu-uk] OT: UK Free Software Network broadband

john levin john at technolalia.org
Thu Sep 14 17:22:15 BST 2006

Sean Hammond wrote:
> Anyone here getting broadband from the UK Free software network?
> http://www.ukfsn.org/
> They are (very slightly) cheaper than the Phone Coop or Zen (6 month
> period plus connection fee). Their cheapest broadband package gives
> you a 3GB peak time cap, and 30GB off peak cap. Off peak is 10pm to
> 8am weekdays, and 10pm Friday to 8am Monday. Everyone else seems to
> just say '2GB per month cap.' (although with Zen you can opt for a
> slower 256K connection and unlimited bandwidth), The idea is that any
> profits they make go to supporting free software. Looks like it's just
> run by one guy.
> Was just wondering if the service is trustworthy or not.

I have broadband from UKFSN, and by and large am very happy with it. 
Host sites with them too, and whenever there's been a glitch on their 
end (not very often) it's got sorted quite quickly.



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