[ubuntu-uk] OT: UK Free Software Network broadband

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Sep 14 17:06:10 BST 2006

Sean Hammond wrote:
> Anyone here getting broadband from the UK Free software network?
> http://www.ukfsn.org/
> They are (very slightly) cheaper than the Phone Coop or Zen (6 month
> period plus connection fee). Their cheapest broadband package gives
> you a 3GB peak time cap, and 30GB off peak cap. Off peak is 10pm to
> 8am weekdays, and 10pm Friday to 8am Monday. Everyone else seems to
> just say '2GB per month cap.' (although with Zen you can opt for a
> slower 256K connection and unlimited bandwidth), The idea is that any
> profits they make go to supporting free software. Looks like it's just
> run by one guy.
> Was just wondering if the service is trustworthy or not.

Google for "Jason Clifford", and you can make up your own mind if it's (and
by extension he) are trustworthy enough.  I've tangled with Jason in the
past, but not to the extent that would make me think he's committed to
providing anything other than a quality service to his customers.

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