[ubuntu-uk] LinuxWorld planning - Update 14th Sept.

nik nik at reducedhackers.com
Thu Sep 14 09:03:11 BST 2006

Since I wont get a chance to post this over the weekend, here is your 
end of week update,

1:  Thank You to

Adam Bagnall, Alan Pope, Alan Helmore-Simpson,Stuart Parkington and 
Ashley Hooper whom have all volunteered to aid in Setup and Attendance.  
We believe Jono Bacon may even make an appearance!

2: What is still required :

Since I dont know how much or little space or how much power or how much 
room or how much parking or how much of how much we can expect Im going 
to assume that we will have space for at least one 4x2 table so ...

    More people to help with
       Assembling the Booth ( I imagine 4 people helping out would be a 
benefit )
       Being on the Booth ( we need at least 3 People each day , minimum. )
       Disassembling the Booth ( I imagine 4 people helping out would be 
a benefit )
       Writting blogs, taking pictures and interviewing visitors ( Some 
one , or two , to do this please )

    I'll write a note  to the LUGMasters pointing back to the wiki and 
asking for any other input.

3: Materials
Ive heard back from Marilze Coetzee regarding the Conference Pack and 
the 400PC,10064bit and 50Mac Ubuntu3:  CDs, they are all being processed.

Jono has pointed out that we should look to raise funds for Ubuntu UK to 
help pay for other promotional material and  I dont want to open a can 
of worms on this topic other than to say Ive got some monies promised 
and Im asking some of my own clients if they want to donate to help kick 
this off. However this particular topic is consistently a can of worms 
so please lets not have a debate about it! If done well we can reuse 
these funds and materials ( urgh stock control ! ) to use on other stands.

We have a list of things that are required on the days and I want to 
turn this into a list of what will appear , who own it, what it will do 
and what it requires.

We also have a few suggestions on marketing and promotional stuff which 
breaks down into two areas

       1 ) Stuff we hand out or sell as promotional materials :- Badges, 
Pins, Polo Shirts, Bags etc.
       2 ) Stuff we generate for ongoing case study and historic benefit 
:- Pictures, Reports, Reviews, Case Studies.

I may have misunderstood the intent but the post card idea to me sounded 
excellent especially since we can ( with permission ) use the images and 
studies to help promote Ubuntu , Volunteers and professionals. 

4: Daily Content

Any suggestion on this ? How about a Guru Point where people can book 
ahead on the Wiki before turning up on the day and book a space and a 
time to speak to a Guru ( can we have some Gurus please ?  ) . We could 
run 4 of those at least over the two days.  anyother ideas ?

5: Where and How to contribute on the planning

is the whiteboard page for ideas and thoughts and contributions

is the Agenda and page for actual commitments and confirmed stuff.

6: Again , thanks.

For taking time to read and respond to this .

Nik Butler

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