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ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Sep 14 07:11:27 BST 2006

Alan Helmore-Simpson wrote:
>> How about Ubuntu Christmas cards?  A Linux/Ubuntu orientated picture
>> on the front in christmas scene, and the marketing information on the
>> back.  Many other organisations use this as a way to spread the word.
> Wonderful, if this were to be done, perhaps we should consider doing it in 
> partnership with a charitable organization, so people can buy Ubuntu 
> Christmas cards AND help a charity at the same time.
> I know some folks in the not for profit sector, I will make some enquiries.
> Alan

A good idea
I am a local volunteer for age concern berkshire (note 1, 1a) and have
become disillusioned because they continue to ingnore linux for
elderly novices on limited pensions (note 2). In fact after 4 years of
being the founder of their computer UKOnline Center and subsequently
running it, I resigned, sadly, basically for this reason.
A centralised approach to a major charity org would help focus the
benefits (note 3) of Ubuntu for their organisations objectives.

Note 1: I am currently using very limited enthusiasm in the role for
the reasons mentioned  above.

Note 1a: http://www.users.waitrose.com/~acberk/

Note 2: When I have put a linux distro on an elderly friend's pc
because they were having troubles with windows, I find, as expected,
that they are perfectly happy, and the install is very stable, and
needs minimal attention from me over time.
On the occasions that a client bought  a new (laptop, xp) PC and came
in asking for help, it takes hours of sorting out, installing
antivirus and firewall apps, explaining the procedures needed to
update everything, and the otherwise adverse consequences. I notice
particularly that older people are often worried about security.
Similar time and effort and concern is used whenever a client has
asked for help with their home pc, though more problematic if they
cannot physically bring it to the regular sessions.

Note 3: Publicity news value (for a short time), low cost for their
users, improved security, improved stability, lower cost, probable
support from local volunteer enthusiasts, and not least, the clear
possibility that a Ubuntu could be very easily trimmed to accommodate
the typical needs of their client base. For an org such as Age
Concern, the user base is likely to need a limited set of features
only, larger fonts and icons as standard, etc, oh, and an age concern
alan c

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