[ubuntu-uk] Making our wiki page look nicer

Jono Bacon jono at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 13 17:45:16 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 15:28 +0100, ajb35 at kent.ac.uk wrote:
> I've just done a bit on it but I'm sure there's more information that
> can go on there.

Cool. :)

Yeah, I think there is a lot of potential to fill it with interesting
information. I think we should look at the page as if we had heard of
the Ubuntu UK team and what kind of information we would want to know. I
suspect that would be:

 * What does ubuntu-uk do?
 * What does "getting involved"...involve :P
 * When and where are meetings?
 * What are the Mailing list / IRC details?

I reckon if we can satisfy this and make it simple and easy to read, we
are onto a winner. :)

Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager
www.ubuntu.com / www.jonobacon.org

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