[ubuntu-uk] Postcards from Ubuntu

Alan Helmore-Simpson alanhs at ingeniouscorp.com
Wed Sep 13 10:10:06 BST 2006

Apologies in advance for this long message :-)

I attend a number of business networking events each year, the majority of 
the attendees are either company owners, very senior management in large 
companies / not for profit organizations or management consultancy types, 
there is even a smattering of politicians.

The important thing is they could all be described as 'movers and shakers'. 
During these events, I usually get into conversations about open-source and 
the great Ubuntu project and I would like to be able to hand something over.
So I would be interested in producing a small Ubuntu brochure, possibly in 
the form of a double sided postcard or even a business card, that would 
contain a couple of dozen good Ubuntu 'marketing' messages, they should be 
pitched at non-techies.

I am going to try giving out the few CD that I have at an event today - a 
cruse along the Thames - but I don't think this will really have the right 
effect (given the type of people who attend).

Would anyone on the list describe themselves as 'marketing types' and be 
willing to help put the message together?


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