[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 17, Issue 15

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Wed Sep 13 07:22:48 BST 2006

Grant Kemp wrote:
> I think the key message of this should be that british ubuntu is here and is
> serious about the uk market.  Perhaps promoting the britishness of the
> ubuntu with a few nice gimmicks.  
> I thought of a few ideas:
> 1. Follow the ubuntu book method and have a chef, giving a live demo of one
> of the recipes (eg building a lamp install) a la a cookery show. 
> 2. Contacting Tetley/costa  or someone like that seeing if they will give us
> some freebies so we can invite the techies to have a real british cup of
> tea/ coffee whilst they learn about ubuntu. 
Is this going to be in the .org village? If so, space will presumably be 
somewhat limited...

Edgy will be almost out by then... which version will be being promoted 
primarily? This LTS thing confuses me a little... once Edgy arrives will 
we be being encouraged to distribute both Dapper *and* Edgy CDs and 
DVDs? How will the "marketing" work?


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