[ubuntu-uk] Women, LinuxWorld, Stuff

Adam Bagnall ajb35 at kent.ac.uk
Tue Sep 12 19:47:57 BST 2006

    I was thinking earlier that as far as I'm aware the LoCoTeam has no 
female members. There must be some women in the UK who use Ubuntu? I've 
posted in the Ubuntu women section on the Ubuntu forums to see if I can 
generate any interest. I'm sure some of you have converted 
wives/friends/sisters/girlfriends/daughters etc. who could get involved. 
I'm sure that if there are women who need support for Ubuntu they would 
feel more comfortable meeting up with another woman.
    I was also thinking that maybe it would be good to have a woman or 2 
at the LinuxWorld booth to show that it's not just geeky men who use 
linux? /me awaits inevitable comments about booth babes .

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