[ubuntu-uk] Live CD appreciation.

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 19:33:47 BST 2006

Okay new thread time:

AC and I chatting on the Linux World planning page both raised issues 
and thoughts about opening conversations at Computer Fairs.

Now I will be the first to admit that the Sussex Lugs present Knoppix 
CDs at their BCF meetings for the following reason:

There is frankly more demonstrable applications installed on the CD then 
appears at first under Ubuntu.

Now weve constanly returned to the conversation of offering a second 
Distro and Ive always argued that you need one distro on offer and one 
conversation to be had since people are confused enough with the current 
choices in the distro market. You want people to be open to one choice 
not feel they need to make a choice between two.

Now theres no way I have time or knowledge to remaster the current 
LIVECD offering and sure enough if you asked 10 Community members for 10 
choices as to what goes into the Live CD offering you will end up with 
100 answers.

So instead I would draw our attention to Mr Shuttleworths presentation 
about N Big Challenges ( im still hunting that one down btw ) where we 
need to focus on working with gadgets.

If I knew the CD on offer would show Ipods, Cameras , Scanners, Flash 
Memory and printers working well off the CD ( yeah yeah someones going 
to say that its all possible but see next paragraph ) then i think its 
improved tool for showing off Ubuntu and the community and I will be all 
for arguing its use.

Im always happy to revisit which CD we offer at the British Computer 
Fairs in Worthing but until I can get that kid in the candy store 
feeling of choices in applications that Knoppix demonstrates it will 
always be the CD of choice for us when people return for a second bite 
of the Linux Cherry. Which means that we use Knoppix to show a wealth of 
applications but we talk Debian and therefore Ubuntu when we are 
discussing serious implementation of Desktop user to anyone who comes 
back. We explain our reasons and we do our best to get people to come to 
the Meetings.

so : Dicuss :


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