[ubuntu-uk] Volunteers for running an ubuntu-uk stand at LinuxWorld London?

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Sep 12 14:30:58 BST 2006

Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some space has become available at LinuxWorld London for a potential
> ubuntu-uk stand int he .org village on 25th and 26th Oct 2006. This will
> be a small stand in which volunteers could go down and talk to visitors
> about the UK Ubuntu community. The stand is free, although other
> expenses (travel, accomodation etc) is not included.
> Now, I need to know by 4pm GMT tomorrow (Tuesday 12 Sep 2006) if anyone
> is interested in running the stand. We really need at least two
> volunteers (preferably more) to run the stand, and the stand needs to be
> attended for the two full days. The stand will also want to be
> preferably filled with hand outs, laptops demoing Ubuntu and more.
> The focus of the stand should really be on building up the Ubuntu UK
> team, and it could be an awesome opportunity to get people involved in
> the team.
> So, anyone want to help out?
> 	Jono

I will attend and help both days if needed. I run the monthly
infopoint table in bracknell computer fairs  - although I am an
experienced end user rather than anything more techy. The infopoint
bracknell  is becoming a de facto ubuntu tabl;e as it happens. My time
of morning arrival will need to be discussed - and if I can borrow
someones settee it would al;so help for maybe an overnight stay too
and make an early start easier for me.
alan c (alan cocks)

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