[ubuntu-uk] video convertion

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sat Sep 9 12:54:03 BST 2006

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> I do quite a lot of video conversion on my ubuntu system, and I
> haven't been let down by ffmpeg for converting to mpeg, and mencoder
> for anything else! The man pages for mencoder are useful, and I
> believe at one point I found a good tutorial on the Gentoo forums
> which gave a lot of examples that can be adapted.

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> I you want to give a bit more detail, I can try and tailor my answer a
> bit more ;)

My plan is to take photographs of astronomical objects using either a
digital camera in video mode or a camcorder through a telescope. In
order to build up the final photograph and reduce any noise etc. the
frames of the video will be stacked using a piece of software called
astrostack. In the trial version, astrostack requires that the video be
in jpg or bmp format. In the full version, many other formats are
acceptable including avi.

That is the object of the exercise and, initially, I would like to be
able to try both cameras in attempt to decide which will be the best
approach. I am not very familiar with the workings of Linux especially
in the use of the terminal but I am very willing to learn.

Thanks in advance.


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