[ubuntu-uk] Getting the group going

Jono Bacon jono at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 8 10:21:34 BST 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 10:15 +0100, Matthew East wrote:
> The thing about this is that the loco-websites are generally focused on
> giving support in non-English languages, and if we want to get a website
> going, it is important to figure out what we are actually going to put
> on it. It's pretty good to work in the wiki as much as possible, because
> all Ubuntu teams work there (see ubuntu-au) and it is a great way of
> sharing ideas and keeping track of what everyone is doing. So if we want
> a website, we should focus on what it would actually do.

I agree, I think that if the wiki makes most sense to ease updates and
whatnot, lets use the wiki and maybe get the ubuntu-uk.org domain to
re-direct to the wiki. Its better have updates on a slightly less sexy
wiki than have no updates on an uber-sexy site. :)


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