[ubuntu-uk] Getting the group going

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 8 10:15:22 BST 2006

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* Jono Bacon:

>  * Website. Get the website up and running. Would be nice for the
> website to match the look and feel of existing sites, and maybe we could
> work with another LoCo team to borrow their design.

The thing about this is that the loco-websites are generally focused on
giving support in non-English languages, and if we want to get a website
going, it is important to figure out what we are actually going to put
on it. It's pretty good to work in the wiki as much as possible, because
all Ubuntu teams work there (see ubuntu-au) and it is a great way of
sharing ideas and keeping track of what everyone is doing. So if we want
a website, we should focus on what it would actually do.

For example, Ubuntu chicago have a very nice site indeed, based on
Drupal (http://chi.ubuntu-us.org/), but in fact it is basically an
alternative to the official Ubuntu website with links to the Chicago
team for people to get into the group and get local help.

>  * Map. I think it is really important that we have a map of the UK and
> people can say where they are.


>  * Events. There are quite a few possibilities for events. Not only do
> we have computer fairs across the country (see the Infopoint project
> (http://infopointproject.org/ for details of groups that demonstrate
> Linux at computer fairs). We could also organise sprints, hack-fests,
> installfests and more. :)


>  * News. It would be nice to post UK Ubuntu news on the website. Y'know,
> details of schools moving to Open Source, interesting events with Ubuntu
> speakers and teams, success stories and more. :)

Nice idea, although again much of this might overlap with articles which
would be great on the Fridge and shared with the whole international

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