[ubuntu-uk] Getting the group going

Jono Bacon jono at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 8 09:31:10 BST 2006

Howdy folks,

I am a fairly recent addition to the group, and it seems that the group
is just getting going and getting organised. I figured it may be useful
to ping out an email with some ideas of stuff to do, and maybe some
people can stand up and volunteer themselves.

So, here are some ideas for things that I think could be useful for the
group to do:

 * Website. Get the website up and running. Would be nice for the
website to match the look and feel of existing sites, and maybe we could
work with another LoCo team to borrow their design. As an example,
ubuntu-fr have a pretty nice site. Might be worth posting a message on
loco-contacts to ask if anyone can send us a theme for the site.
Naturally, it depends on what CMS is running the site.
 * Map. I think it is really important that we have a map of the UK and
people can say where they are. This helps regional people to meet up and
have a pint or six. I am sure there are little clusters of Ubuntu users
in different parts of the UK. Again, other groups have made maps, so
lets talk to them.
 * Events. There are quite a few possibilities for events. Not only do
we have computer fairs across the country (see the Infopoint project
(http://infopointproject.org/ for details of groups that demonstrate
Linux at computer fairs). We could also organise sprints, hack-fests,
installfests and more. :)
 * News. It would be nice to post UK Ubuntu news on the website. Y'know,
details of schools moving to Open Source, interesting events with Ubuntu
speakers and teams, success stories and more. :)

Getting a LoCo team going is hard work, but I think if we all pull
together we can make ubuntu-uk a real standard for LoCo teams. :)



Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager
www.ubuntu.com / www.jonobacon.org

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