[ubuntu-uk] Address for Ubuntu case stickers

Alan Helmore-Simpson alanhs at ingeniouscorp.com
Wed Sep 6 17:03:49 BST 2006

Matthew Revell wrote:
> I've heard back from Carl at System76 and he can send us 1,000 or
> 2,000 stickers. He needs an address, though, that people can send
> their SAE to.
> I don't have a business address I can use for this, so does anyone
> have any ideas? The address would need to be available for a
> reasonable period and would be published on the System76 website.
 If Canonical, could provide the address and forward a bunch of them every 
week, a couple of us could stuff the labels into the envelopes on a 
round-robin basis?

BTW, does anyone know how the CD's are shipped? I would have thought that a 
similar volunteer's network might save Canonical some money?

I would happily volunteer to do my share for the cause.


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