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Matthew Bassett lists-2 at mbassett.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 5 22:02:35 BST 2006

Hi All,

I'm catching up on my reading of this list (I've got as far as May!) and
I've noticed there was a thread for introductions... so I've decided to
introduce myself.

My name is Matthew, and I'm an Electronics Engineer based around
Maidenhead (not far from Windsor). Due to my job I have the pleasure of
using Linux (Redhat Enterprise 3.0 to be precise) and Solaris on a daily
basis-- simulating our chip designs is a big job, so we need something
reliable enough and adaptable enough to do it (although we do have to
run Windows for Office apps and Outlook email client). I spend all day
coding VHDL (a bit like Ada, but for describing and modelling LSI
Hardware) and Verilog (a bit like nothing else on earth, but basically
for the same job).

Shamefully enough I have been using Ubuntu since the 10th Warty
pre-release, and this is my first posting to this list. 

I've been using Linux since 1997 when my employers of the time gave a PC
to take home and do some development work on, I've been using it
exclusively since 2003 when I suddenly realised I had not booted my PC
into Windows for 2 years, and then discovered it wouldn't any more.

I am old enough to have seen Linus' post to the USENET news groups
announcing the first public release of his little project. Knowing
little of computers and nothing of operating systems I was left
wondering why some twerp in Finland was bothering to duplicate DOS... (I
know better now)

The main house computer runs Dapper LTS; I'm renting a server from
BudgetDedicated (www.budgetdedicated.com) which also runs Dapper (used
for running the family's mail system, and also an irregularly updated
web log-- very boring unless you are a member of the family and
completely unrelated to anything to do with computers so I have no
posted the URL) and I've got various other gadgets that run various
other flavours of embedded Linux.

I've been meaning to try and find some way of contributing back to the
community for the immense benefit I have received from running GNU/Linux
and the various applications running on top of it over the years, but
unfortunately have little time-- and my wife is currently expecting our
first child, so some time in the next few weeks I will have even less

Anyway, Cheers!


Matthew Bassett <lists-2 at mbassett.demon.co.uk>

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