[ubuntu-uk] UKTeam Meetings Minutes

Nik Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Mon Oct 30 14:13:32 GMT 2006

Ive posted the minutes as per my Scrawl here


There were two things mentions one of which needs to be agreed before 

1. The date of the next Online Team Meeting via IRC and the format as 
well as moderators/chairman and possibly agenda.

2. Vodkosher the Jono Bacon Screencast capture/edit project.
The following people expressed an interest in screencapture project 
technologies and addressing the issues relevant in the utilisation and 
implementation of it. Nik Butler,   Alan Pope, Mike Preston, Chris 
Hannan, John Levin, Alan Helmore-Simpson, Geddes Peart . What we do next 
is upto someone.

3. We need to post a story to the Fridge and if we can locate one of 
those end of show piccies ( Laura ? Tony ? Alan(s) ? who had the cameras 
? ) id like to use one of those and either Jono or I can knock out a 
paragraph to send to Linux User & Developer and Linux format etc etc etc.

4... um thats all for now.

Oh yes , i have the figures for CDs and Poloshirts but thats going to 
take another 30 minutes to write up and im out of time for now so I will 
post that later.



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