[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Team Approval (LUGs)

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Oct 29 11:19:45 GMT 2006

Jono Bacon wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 22:49 +0100, Nicholas Butler wrote:
>> > In return the LUGs (or at least I'm going from my experience with
>> > MANLUG) would love to see Ubuntu oriented material flowing their way in
>> > the form of speakers at meetings etc.
>> >   
>> Thats BANG ON what I felt any Distro Community group should be doing for 
>> a LUG. It seems a natrual extension of the already defined affiliations 
>> and commitments within a LUG that enable it to ensure that 
>> representatives from every Distro can speak to the group. Which leads me 
>> to feeling that as each Distro builds its own potential User community 
>> then the LUG community needs to appoint its own 
>> spokesman/chairman/president to do this, but thats a conversation for 
>> another Maillist perhaps.
> In my mind, I believe LUGs offer a strong structure for general Linux
> discussion, support and community growth, but Ubuntu UK is here to help
> advocate and grow the Ubuntu community. So, LUGs are great for growing
> the free software community, but LoCo teams can help specifically
> promote Ubuntu, and work alongside LUGs to help grow free software *and*
> Ubuntu.
> We are not intending to impose ourselves on LUGs or in anyway replace
> LUGs, just to have symbiotic relationship in which we are good at Ubuntu
> things and LUGs are good at general free software things.

Ubuntu has a very strong branding and it shows every sign of getting
stronger. The stronger the branding becomes, the more likely that
resentments may arise, however unintentionally. I would like to see
the Ubuntu 'brand' become synonymous with 'Non Windows'  for the
person in the street. I look forward to an avalanche effect.

LUGs will do what they want, usually distro neutral. They do not owe
much, if anything to Ubuntu. I am in two adopted LUGs, and Ubuntu. For
advocacy one LUG is highly active, the other not. If either LUG wanted
Ubuntu resource I would be keen to help, and I might hear about this
need informally in the LUG or centrally from Ubuntu maybe.

With my LUG hat on, I would not expect to pressure the LUG into Ubuntu
stuff. With my Ubuntu hat on, I will be proactive for Ubuntu locally
(and nationally) while informing the Lug/s if appropriate or maybe
invite collaboration for certain events.

As long as my LUG activities are in accordance with a LUG's distro
neutral stance then I do not foresee problems.

Awakening a sleepy LUG has nothing really to do with Ubuntu as such,
Active members and perhaps resources can help of course, whichever
distro they use.
alan cocks

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