[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Team Approval.

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Sun Oct 29 08:58:37 GMT 2006

Alan Pope wrote:
> many of them are quite active whether we (Ubuntu-*) are there or not. We
> (Ubuntu-*) need to be careful not to "take over", "muscle in", or in any way
> make them feel that they have to use Ubuntu whilst at the same time help to
> invigorate and stimulate growth in those LUGs.
Well that , from my scribbles, is where we came to last week so its good 
to see we are all clear that we want to invigorate and energise the LUGS 
without becoming  dictating or overbearing. Having discussed this with 
Alan and a few others I know that I feel that the mobilization of effort 
by the Ubuntu Loco teams will have a knock on effect in the OS 
community. I believe the other distros will to a certain extent emulate 
or recreate the idea in similar ways. This leads us all to worry, and 
rightly so , that we might spilt or upset the Lugs. That we understand 
and are concerned about the consequences shows that we are aware of the 
needs to be Considerate . We certainly created some thoughts and ideas 
on how we will achieve this during the meeting.

I have also asked Melisssa Draper for her input and I imagine that the 
documentation and HOWTOs that may be generated will be a benefit to the 
future teams for any further Distros.

Speaking of LUGS though I feel there is much that could be done to 
invigorate and support that community, and despite all the possible 
negative connotations I believe that its a conversation to be had but 
not here on UbuntuUK list maybe some other LUG related list. Id really 
like to see the LUGS feel the same level of commitment and investment as 
Loco teams  feel from Ubutnu and Canonical. Where and how that can begin 
to work is as have mentioned not a conversation for Here. I do feel 
though that Alan Pope is certainly someone I would trust to do this. I 
dont have many of the answers but I have a very strong commitment and 
belief that this is something that will work we just need to discover how.

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