[ubuntu-uk] LocalMeetings page on the wiki

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sun Oct 29 00:08:20 BST 2006

Hi folks,

I hope no one minds but I added SouthWest to the list of proposed 
groups.  There are a couple of guys in my local LUG who are interested 
in helping out with a local group for the South West area.  In Devon & 
Cornwall we've been looking into how we can promote the use of Linux and 
Open Source software in education, business and with home users.

Unfortanately so far we haven't really got very far past the discussion 
stages.  I have been speaking to people about Ubuntu and Linux in 
general and I know of one or two people who have expressed interest in 
having a look at Ubuntu.  I have also passed on about 20 Ubuntu Breezy 
CDs a while back to a local computer club for the elderly in a town 
local to me.

On our local LUG mailing list we have discussed the idea of having an 
'Open Source' event.  I was thinking the other day that if a few members 
in the South West could put our heads (and resources) together we could 
possibly come up with an 'Open Source Roadshow' going around some of the 
towns and cities in the South West area and show people how Open Source 
software and Ubuntu could benefit them.  I was thinking to keep costs 
down it could be a good idea to maybe hold these events at schools, 
local community centres or similar places.

Anyway, I'm hoping it will be okay to put a proposal for a SouthWest 
group on the Local Meetings page.  I have added a couple of details on 
what I thought might be useful for the South West group and also it 
mentions the idea we had in the Devon & Cornwall LUG for a non-profit 
group called 'Open Devon' which could promote Open Source software.



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