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Sat Oct 14 17:16:23 BST 2006

On 13/10/06, Mark Forster <xyzmjf at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wanted to suggest that a Ubuntu distro pre-built
> with a collection of valuable life science applications would be of value to
> academic and industrial researchers.
Building a new ubuntu distro is a big step isn't it?

Maybe it would be better to start of small, first of all make sure all
the needed packages are in the repositories, for now is going to have
to be universe.

And then create a package that pulls in all the science apps, similar
to ubuntu-desktop package.

I don't know much about debian packaging but I imagine it shouldn't be
too hard to create a package to pull in a group of apps, its just a
dependency isn't it?

Convincing Canonical to spend resources on yet another Ubuntu variant
(YAUV :D) isn't going to be possible unless we can show that 1. its
possible, 2. its wanted and I think that if you start off with a
collection of packages in Universe it will be easier to convince
Canonical its going to be used if people are using the collection of

And of course Canonical can see what people are using, at least they
can if you send them the details (using popcon)

On a side note, anyone actually have popularity-contest enabled?
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