[ubuntu-uk] Project Proposal

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Fri Oct 13 22:05:12 BST 2006

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the posting, Im sure by now theres at least two types of 
responses brewing. The first is the usual flamefest of dismisive and 
derogatory responses that can occur, though thankfully on this list not 
so much if at all occur. The second are the usual burst of wow what a 
great idea , followed by the fizzle of effort , direction and events.

May I suggest a Third way, one which helps the community and which 
enables you to progress theidea and then represent it again as a "heres 
something I did, what do you think ?"

Being able to master a CD  based on one of the Ubuntu flavours to create 
a more 'BCF' Centric response would be ideal. However there are 3 things 
which stop me.

    a. Technical background
    b. Knowledge of where and how to get started.
    c. Patience

Admittedly C is a major contributor to b, and a, however for your Idea 
and your thoughts it might be a benefit if before you worry about 
acceptability you considered how to achieve this in a way that enables 
you to get the idea into the world and then see if people will hop 
onboard. I imagine this is the background to Kubuntu and Xubuntu and 
Edubuntu .

Thanks for the post, and good luck.


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