[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu server edition

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 20:30:57 GMT 2006

On 24/11/06, Colin Humphrey <c.humphrey_00 at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Right - I'll check the BIOS settings.  If after checking and changing there
> is still no change would that mean the problem lies with the machine rather
> than the installation of ubuntu?

Hi Colin,

It's not definitive, but very likely. Have you tried a Live CD? This
way you could try a Linux distro other than Ubuntu (e.g. Knoppix) to
rule that variable out of the equation. Unless it's a *very* new
machine/network card though, Linux will support the network card.

No one seems to have given you an answer to your question about
Ethernet and DHCP. Basically, DHCP depends on networking, i.e.
Ethernet (in your case), or wireless, or something else. If you can't
get a network connection, DHCP is never going to work.

I agree with Andy's earlier comment though. For a server, you
shouldn't be using DHCP -- unless you're serving your internet
connection through it, in which case you may need DHCP to get an
address from your ISP, but should have a fixed address on the internal
network and may even be a DHCP server for the internal network.

Maybe you should describe exactly how you want to set up the
connections in your network and we could (try to) give you some advice
for your particular configuration.

Hope this helps,

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