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Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 23 18:20:48 GMT 2006

On 23/11/06, Colin Humphrey <c.humphrey_00 at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> I am new to linux and to ubuntu

I am not an expert but will try to offer any advice I can, till
someone more knowledgeable gets around to answering.

> and would like to
> have an ubuntu machine running as a server to
> communicate with a windows xp machine,
In what way communicate?
Do you want a web server to serve files via HTTP to the Windows box,
or do you want to be able to remotely log in to Ubuntu server from Windows,
or something different?

> [1]
> If you install ubuntu server edition 6.06 onto your
> machine and it cannot recognize an ethernet device
> or cannot set up DHCP does this mean that you will
> not be able to network between another machine
If it can't use the network interface its as if no cable isn't plugged
in, it won't connect to anything.
DHCP is another issue entirely, may I ask why you are using DHCP on a server?
I was always told (rightly or wrongly) that servers should have a
static IP and not a dynamic one from DHCP.
Most routers will have a range of address that they know are on the
local network but won't assign using DHCP, you can use these for
static addresses.
Remember to set DNS and the default gateway too.

> If you have an inherited machine and you try to
> install ubuntu server edition 6.06 does it normally
> recognize the ethernet device and configure DHCP
> automatically - if not why might this be?
It should normally handle Ethernet ok, I haven't really used server,
but Ubuntu has always recognized my Ethernet card, do you know the
make/model of card?

> Are there any regular meets that take place in
> London/Brighton where people can talk about
> practical problems and how to solve them?
You can always go to a 'LUG', (Linux User Group)
Brighton has one:

London has about 4

The list of UK Lugs is available from:

> Also would anyone be up for scheduling a chat
> session to take place over a messaging programme
> such as msn messenger to talk about the server
> edition?
Do you have an IRC client?
the official Ubuntu-uk channel is #ubuntu-uk on Freenode
There's a screen cast about joining IRC

> I read a couple of news letters ago that it was o.k.
> to ask for help here  - hope this still holds true.
You may get better answers on the Ubuntu-users list, there is more
people over there than here, but I'm sure if anyone here can help you
they will.

- Andy

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