[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu server edition

Colin Humphrey c.humphrey_00 at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Nov 23 18:02:27 GMT 2006

Dear all

I am new to linux and to ubuntu and would like to

have an ubuntu machine running as a server to

communicate with a windows xp machine, I have not

been able to do this because of network issues.

Just before I start I would like to say that I've

been reading about your screen casts which I think

are a really good initiative, would you consider

doing one for installing and setting up the ubuntu

server edition 6.06 to communicate with a windows


I ask this because I am really interested in setting

up a server environment but so far have not been

able to.  Also if after watching the screencast I

get my server together then I will be able to spread

the word to other computer users at college who

might be able to benefit from using an ubuntu

machine and LAMP environment.

I have a few questions:


If you install ubuntu server edition 6.06 onto your

machine and it cannot recognize an ethernet device

or cannot set up DHCP does this mean that you will

not be able to network between another machine

because there is not a network capability - does

this mean that you will not be abale to ping another



If you have an inherited machine and you try to

install ubuntu server edition 6.06 does it normally

recognize the ethernet device and configure DHCP

automatically - if not why might this be?


If you experienced either of the problems above what

may be the problem?


Are there any regular meets that take place in

London/Brighton where people can talk about

practical problems and how to solve them?


Also would anyone be up for scheduling a chat

session to take place over a messaging programme

such as msn messenger to talk about the server


I read a couple of news letters ago that it was o.k.

to ask for help here  - hope this still holds true.

All Thoughts - Ideas - tips and advice

much needed


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