[ubuntu-uk] Interesting cold call to (sussex) re linux

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Nov 21 21:44:29 GMT 2006

I often see small ads in local papers here for computer support and
home PC fix of problems, and I had toyed with the idea of phoning one
or two to ask - if they used linux, or maybe offered installs, or even
if they had any questions to ask. As an  'enthusiast' (volunteer) I
would be happy to try to answer or help maybe. I see a lot of such
people at the computer fairs that I attend with Infopoint displays, so
it is not a big stretch to phone up and ask something.

Locally there is a free distribution of a weekly magazine containing
only adverts - 'Friday Ad(verts)' and I looked up the computer
services. The obvious phone number did not seem local to my own area,
but I gave it a shot anyway.  The guy the other end had the initial
reaction that as a caller I was a bit out of his area - he is Sussex
and Kent - I am in Berkshire. He concluded that the paper had been
putting extra adverts in to make up space.

Anyway, after explaining I had not called to ask for his 'services'
but had a question about what he used - I asked if he ever offered
open source software or 'non-windows' things - such as linux? He said
he did use linux a bit, more for interest than anything - 'people tend
not to ask for it'. He had a sensible question - what did I 'expect to
get out of it'? (a very proper business question!) I said I was simply
an enthusiast - who with others were happy to offer information and
occasional help - answering questions etc, and I mentioned Ubuntu as a
rapidly growing popular movement which had an associated self and
community help side to it. And I expected nothing otherwise.

He seemed impressed to have come across an 'enthusiast'. I explained
that the ubuntu distro was very popular and also tended to attract
those who also were happy to be helpful. It was non political and non
religious etc etc.

I mentioned I had an elderly friend who had bought a pc for 50 uk
pounds last week and I had installed Kubuntu as dual boot and the
friend was very happy because it could not get viruses and was easy to

In a business scenario he could perhaps say - I will sort out your PC
for X pounds and for an extra 20 pounds I could *also* install
something which will *not* get viruses. (Make more money, get a niche

He was keen to want to stay in touch with me, and sounded genuinely

In summary, it went well!
(any Sussex area ubuntu users out there?)
alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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