[ubuntu-uk] Anyone any ideas on running a distro from an external USB drive?

Albert Vilella avilella at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 10:15:02 GMT 2006

> > I now have Edgy running on my main drive, but would like to be able to
> > install various different distros on external USB drives but I seem to
> > be coming up against the problem that at the time grub runs the USB
> > drivers have not been loaded so it can't be seen...
> >
> > ...it's obviously fine once that Edgy itself has loaded, but clearly
> > we've already booted by then so that's no good.
> >
> > Does anybody do this and, if so, what is the key?

I am in exactly the same situation: I installed Edgy on an external
USB HD, but now I need it plugged in to be able to load grub menu. I
sent an email to the bug grub mailing list a while ago:
bug-grub at gnu.org

Let's see if we can find the way to make this work.

BTW, Edgy rocks! I am still trying to figure out the way to define
keybinding to maximize/unmaximize windows with beryl...

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> > Sean
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