[ubuntu-uk] screencasts

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sun Nov 19 09:05:04 GMT 2006

> That entirely depends on which CD you rip as you point out in your own mail.

Of course it does. For example, my wife teaches French and uses CDs as
part of the course. It is perfectly legal to copy these CDs and to
distribute them to the students.
> > >* Burning ripped audio to CD
> > As above make sure you have the rights to do this.
> Again, yes, I am aware of the issues, and will be selective on what I burn.
> > >* Burning a data CD
> > Excellent idea, it may seem obvious to us, but to many people it isn't.
> > I once asked one of my parents if they had backed up their files
> > lately, the answer, "I don't know how to" (this was on Windows but I
> > am sure it applies equally to Linux)
> > 
> Yeah, maybe it should be called "Backing up files to CD" or something similar.
> > >* Burning an ISO image
> > Highly useful, we can teach them how to burn Ubuntu CDs to hand out to
> > their friends, seems shipit doesn't supply 6.10
> >
Just a thought - lots of folk, like myself, do not use 6.10 but the
previous issue. Also, from what I have read, 6.10 is not yet as stable
as Dapper. More about that some other time.


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