[ubuntu-uk] Friday afternoon thread: What *should* be in feisty?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Nov 17 18:21:54 GMT 2006

Greg Dash wrote:
> I think some method of changing to higher resolutions with GUI would
> be good, as much as conf file pretty easy to edit a lot of people are
> put of by it

In kubuntu, there *is* a gui I have used the 6.06 version and 6.10 
looks the same.
System settings, monitor etc etc .

It is fairly good. All I would want extra is a more positive response 
after the 'test' saying tested ok, rather than the almost no response 
at present.

>, and maybe a method of setting up dual-monitors similar
> to the way MS XP has

I will certainly need a laptop plus lcd projector facilty, both with 
different screen resolutions ad hoc. Suse fails this miserably 
(without special setting up :-)  ). Knoppix is pretty good, but there 
is no choice of laptop *and* projector concurrent. I will be using 
kubuntu in professional presentation environments and lcd projection 
is very common now.

>. I also like the idea of dual boot GUI.
alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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