[ubuntu-uk] Edgy & mobile phone contact list backups/sync

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Nov 16 22:30:22 GMT 2006

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 10:07:40PM +0000, Llywelyn Owen wrote:
> No ,they're extra buttons above the function keys, (On/Off, DVD, fast
> replay, play, fast forward, stop, mute, volume) They're meant to be used to
> control the DVD without having to boot into XP. In fact this seemed a false
> promise since if I loaded a DVD, whatever HP installed software booted to
> play the DVD, it took longer than XP to boot anyhow!

Yes, (some of) the extra buttons can be configured to do funky things by going to System 
--> Preferences --> Keyboard Shortcuts.

I have a Logitech keyboard which as an insane number of keys. Some work really well like 
the volume dial, and the scrolly wheel thing out of the box. Even the calculator button 
popus up the gnome calculator with no changes require by me. 

But some of the extra keys need configuring as above.


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