[ubuntu-uk] Edgy & mobile phone contact list backups/sync

Llywelyn Owen linux at spamtracker.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 21:45:20 GMT 2006

I've recently, since the Novell/MS marriage of convenience un-installed my
SLED trial (which worked well enough) from my laptop and installed Edgy Eft.
It's excellent, everything works out of the box with the latest software
versions, even the WLAN card works first time (it's a HP Pavilion DV2045ea).
It's also lightning fast compared to SLED. The DVD quick launch buttons
don't work but then I didn't expect them to. Getting a 3D desktop working
would be great, can it be as easy to set up as SLED?

However, my main wish now is either to get my Sony Ericsson  910i phone
contacts synced or to change the phone for one where this can be done with
Edgy (I'm due an upgrade after all). Therefore, my question is this: has
anyone on this list experienced successful contact syncing with a mobile
phone and not using M$ products. Surely it must be possible, but how and
with which phone models?


Llywelyn Owen
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