[ubuntu-uk] Free vs non-free drivers etc

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Nov 16 21:20:53 GMT 2006

Tony Arnold wrote:
> Alan,
> alan c wrote:
>> a further thought - I have a deep and penetrating appreciation of open 
>> source software, but I sometimes reflect on the future of the software 
>> industry. I often get the impression that foss authors frequently have 
>> a programming day job, not always in foss areas.  In the extreeme 
>> case, *all* foss, then what (wider) business model is going to provide 
>> foss authors with income - from any source (of income...)? I do not 
>> know, I really hope it will support a substantial foss sector.
> Are you confusing free as in beer with free as in freedom? FOSS does not
> have to be free as in beer!

No I am not, for myself anyway. I purchased a retail box of suse 9.1 
for example a while ago.

And there is the oracle move against Red Hat, not to mention novell 
apparently going a step too far with its MS patents deal.
(I am winding down my use of suse already).

If you can see a clear business model that would provide say, a small 
software business, success, if it only used open source (say GPL) I 
would be interested to know the thoughts.

alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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