[ubuntu-uk] Daft stuff for a friday afternoon conversation.

nicholas butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 11:36:55 GMT 2006

Okay im prempting the friday but im thinking about this now.

I know we all love to neticorrect each other on the various issues 
related to etiquette and manners so why not lets see if we can make a 
news story from it ?

Top or Bottom  ?

Posting on a Email that is.

Should we ?, could we ?, can we ? have a national Proper Posting day. 
Where every thread loving , mail list bashing geek spends the day 
ensuring that they dont top post and that they add a link which points 
to a suitable TopPost/Bottom post website.  Lets educate our netizens 
one email at a time ?

now , ive lit the fuse, I shall step back .


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