[ubuntu-uk] Children In Need

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Nov 13 23:37:47 GMT 2006

alan c wrote:
> Well Done!
> The big hurdle you have crossed is getting a venue, keep going! 
> Publicity is obviously welcomed and your even t does have 'News' 
> value, unlike and ongoing event however successful. Make sure that 
> local media get to know?

Just wanted to update everyone on what I've managed to do down here in 
the South West for Children In Need.

I've put together a very basic web site at http://www.opendevon.org.uk 
with a link to the event poster in PDF format and OpenDocument format.  
Its not brilliant but I'm hoping it gets the message across.

I'm doing the event under the OpenDevon name as it strictly isn't going 
to be an Ubuntu install day or a Linux install day.  I'm trying to 
promote the general use of Open Source software and I figured once 
people are comfortable with using things like OpenOffice and Firefox 
they will be more comfortable moving over to some alternative.

The original idea of OpenDevon was to promote the use of Open Source 
software.  When I set it up with a couple of guys from our local LUG we 
wanted to get the message out there about Open Source and Linux as the 
existing LUG didn't seem too active, possibly due to distance.  
Fortunately there are a couple of members in the LUG who are trying to 
do things in their local area.

Anyway, I'd like to say a big thank you to Steve and the gang at SVP 
(www.svp.co.uk) for kindly donating an MP3 player for a raffle prize.  
It's great that they can help out.  If any of you folks haven't heard of 
them, check them out as they have some great deals on CD/DVD media and 
other related items.  I'm not saying this just because they provided a 
raffle prize, I genuinely think they are a really good online retailer 
with great service (and a collection option which is more than useful 
when you live near their warehouse).

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress.  I'll try and get as many 
pictures as possible of the event.  I'll be plugging Ubuntu where ever I 
can (as it is my favorite distro) and hopefully we'll get some more 
Ubuntu users.  I'll take along a few Linux Format magazines too so any 
new Linux converts can have a read.



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