[ubuntu-uk] Kubuntu Screencast

Tez binary_y2k2 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 13 13:08:47 GMT 2006

Stuart Parkington wrote:
>> Ok, I gave this whole screencast thing a go, it's on upgrading packages, like Alans last one, but for Kubuntu.
>> It's not what you'd call in-depth but  I tried to cover the same stuff Alan went over in his one.
>> It's about 7 mins long and covers the Adept updater and Adept package manager,
>> which was fun because I actually use Synaptic and update-notifier as I severely hate Adept :-P .
>> Before you look at it, just remember I'm not popey, I'm a guy from B'ham so I don't have "The voice of the balls".
> Hey mate, there is nothing at all wrong with your accent. Even this 
> 'dumb northerner' could make out every word. Besides, I don't know if 
> being 'The voice of the balls' should be a compliment of an insult!
well, as long as you can understand me, I guess it's ok.
>> It's also on archive.org but doesn't seem to be live yet, so here's a tinyurl'd link to the ogg file:
>> http://tinyurl.com/y35p86/20061111_installing_updates_kubuntu.ogg (15 MB)
> The tinyurl downloaded for me great - I didn't check archive.org.
The tinyurl is the direct link to the file on archive.org, but seeing as
I kinda messed up the archive.org one, as in you can't get to the file,
I'm going to put another one up. This time with some tips from Alan Pope
about formats and such.
>> Let me know what you think of it, but don't be to harsh :-D
> Totally excellent work! Nicely themed both in keeping with Kubuntu and 
> the work that Alan has done. Long enough to be interesting and relevant 
> without over doing the point. Not being a KDE user at all (well not 
> since v2), I've just learned lots.
> Regards
> Stuart
Thanks, it's a first attempt and I'm quite proud of it :-P
I'm going to try and do kubuntu version of the ones Alan's done, so both
kde and gnome users can get the same information. Then maybe we can
collaborate on which ones we should do to stay in sync.
It could be a good idea to get a team of people working on these
screencasts as we can roll them out quicker without loosing any of the
quality. Just something to think about/discuss.

I'm happy you liked it, and happier you learned something. I'll start
working on more, like IRC in Konversation (as a partner to the X-Chat
one) and Kopete (to the gaim one).

(Off making more screencasts.)

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