[ubuntu-uk] Children In Need

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Nov 12 07:04:19 GMT 2006

Rob Beard wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I was wondering if any of the members on here are going to do something 
> Linux related for Children In Need?
> I can't recall who mentioned the idea of doing an install day in aid of 
> Children In Need.  I mentioned it to my local LUG although there was 
> only slight interest.
> Anyway, I decided to persevere with the idea and I have managed to 
> arrange a FLOSS related event in Devon with proceeds going to Children 
> In Need.
> At first I was going to go with the Ubuntu idea although a few of the 
> LUG members mentioned other distros and considering I couldn't do it 
> all on my own I decided to make it a Linux install day.  Then someone 
> else mentioned that some people would find it easier trying some FLOSS 
> software such as Firefox, Thunderbird and OOo first.  With this in mind 
> I have managed to get a small venue in a conference room at a local 
> recording studio.  I'm going to be flying the flag for Ubuntu, I will 
> be burning off a whole load of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu CDs and 
> demonstrating Ubuntu.  So far I've mentioned it to two people at work 
> whose PCs were in a bad state (PCs riddled with spyware etc).  My dad 
> is also interested in trying it out too.
> The event I am holding will be on Saturday 18th November in Newton 
> Abbot from 10am at The Music Mill recording studio.  If there are any 
> members of the list in Devon then please feel free to come along, the 
> more the merrier :-)
> Hopefully with little events like this we'll be able to spread the word 
> and do a bit for charity at the same time.
> Rob

Well Done!
The big hurdle you have crossed is getting a venue, keep going! 
Publicity is obviously welcomed and your even t does have 'News' 
value, unlike and ongoing event however successful. Make sure that 
local media get to know?
alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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