[ubuntu-uk] How I made the screencasts

Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 11 23:39:55 GMT 2006

Just given it a quick read.

Looks good, I will have to read it more carefully when I actually put
it into practice.

A couple of points

you seem to have a lot of qemu images, first you create 1, then copy
it and make read only.
then you say you make another copy for each demo
Do you delete this after making the demo? if so why not just use the
original image with -snapshot (this prevents it from writing to the
disk image unless you issue the command to do so)?

I couldn't see any mention of the FPS, did you use the default 10fps?

You also mention making the intro and end bits, where would one find
'ubuntu-uk-titles.odp', and can anyone use them?
Seems a little long winded to sit there recording a static screen,
there must be an easier way, problem is knowing what that easier way

Tips for reducing noise was good, never thought of that.

all in all a very good article.

- Andy

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