[ubuntu-uk] NTL Cable installation

Gary Kearley gary at kearley.net
Fri Nov 10 08:48:54 GMT 2006


Thanks for your email, it is very informative for me, I am used to a
"normal" Sky/BT/DSL ISP solution, but Cable is all new to me.

Can I just ask a few more questions? 
> Hi,
>     I should declare an interest here as I work for ntl:Telewest.  The 
> cable installation is fairly straightforward:
Straightforward - that good then :-) 
>    A Coaxial cable will be run to your house and "split" so that two 
> separate cables are run to:
>        a)   Your STB for the TV
The wiring at the property has this "splitter" box outside, with a
number of cables running to different rooms, how does this work for the
telly?  ie to get a signal in the two bedrooms and the living room?  do
I need three (in this instance) "set top boxes"?

>        b)   Your cable modem
>     A separate twisted pair cable is run in to provide a "standard" 
> telephone connection
So this means the phone is "normal" so I can forget about that, 
as it will look just like what I am used to, great.

> The Cable modem has both Ethernet and USB ports - personally I always 
> recommend people to use Ethernet.  IP addresses are supplied by DHCP so 
> all you need to do is plug it in and off you go!
> For WI-FI/Router you need a router whose upstream is Ethernet (to plug 
> into the cable modem) - many are available from all the usual names.
That's good, I can pick up one of these for about the £30 mark.  Do they
do a device which has a cable "modem" built in?  like my current dsl
wifi box, so I can reduce clutter?  if so, can you point out a few to
> Dom

Dom, your email is very very helpful, once more, cheers


Gary Kearley <gary at kearley.net>
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